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Well, that’s what the news would like us to believe, but more and more people believe we are still struggling as a nation economically. They know the reality of what they live.   There are those out there who desperately want … Continue reading

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First, President Clinton joked that he tried marijuana but did not inhale.  Then President Bush admitted he did drugs and alcohol while in his rebellious years, but was recovered.  Now our current President laughingly admits he did drugs and drank … Continue reading

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That is what most parents quietly mumble to their children when those same kids are caught looking at someone with a visible disability.  Like that person can’t hear or see!  But they do and they don’t want to be treated … Continue reading

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My children say that a lot… but to be honest, I say it too.  We all look at something – a new car, an exciting video game, a fabulous vacation – and say how we have to have it.  But … Continue reading

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