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First step, pray for forgiveness!  Second step, love them!  Sounds simple, but in this crazy world we often get caught up in arguments, feeling slighted or any number of things. But Jesus loved everyone.  God loves everyone.  And, quite honestly, … Continue reading

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Who’s the man… the one who wears the pants in the family?  Some men think what makes them “real men” is the size of their paycheck, the number of push-ups they can do or even the number of their degrees.  … Continue reading

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Have you ever said that to someone or been told that yourself?  It is thrown out as an insult to put down adults… but have you ever thought what a child thinks when they hear an adult utter it?  We … Continue reading

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This is a big weekend in Chicago – but who is drawing more attention, the protesters or the NATO delegates?  The city has not only people coming from other states to take part of the action, but international visitors in … Continue reading

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What happens during the Olympics or a tragedy that captures national attention?  We get a resurgence in patriotism and pride in America.  But the real tragedy is that most people don’t feel that way everyday! Could you imagine how our … Continue reading

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