Monthly Archives: February 2013

Abortion, gay marriage, religious freedom – all hot topics in America. In fact, there are many things that Christians deeply believe and stand for that the world, as a whole, does not.  Unfortunately (and this is not going to be … Continue reading

Ever feel lonely?  We all do, sometimes that loneliness is so profound that sinks people into depression and causes you to shrink back even more from people.  We are all sheep, curious enough about the world that we tend to … Continue reading

A “thank you” would be nice!  Last year, my husband got thanked for a thank you note.  Recently, someone told me how “special” it was that I taught my children to write thank you notes.  How sad is it that … Continue reading

I give up!!  Have you ever had a day where that is what you screamed – whether out loud or just in your head?  We all have… and will have until the day we go home to Heaven.  Life on … Continue reading