Monthly Archives: January 2013

“I don’t know. I can imagine quite a bit!”  So says Han Solo when told his reward would be more wealth than he can imagine.  I always get a chuckle from that line… because it is SO true for all … Continue reading

Watching the inauguration this week made me think of second chances – our President and his administration get another chance to accomplish the things they didn’t during the first term.   In life, we often want “do overs” or second chances … Continue reading

“I couldn’t help myself!” is the excuse many people use when they go down a path towards sin.  “You don’t understand” is what is often said when people are advised to forgive.  “I tried, but…” is the defense when people … Continue reading

You have probably seen numerous different signs:  “Did you think to pray?”; “When in doubt pray”;  “When life gets hard, pray”  and so on.  Most of them are to remind us to pray when things get rough – which is … Continue reading

It is that time of year again when people ask you that all important question… what are YOUR New Year’s Resolutions?  Resolutions range from improving one’s health or finances to dedicating time to develop your education or even yourself.  But … Continue reading