Monthly Archives: October 2012

Fill in the blank… I am thankful for __________.   What comes to mind – your family, health, job, home, car and so on? Sure, we are thankful for the “good” things we have in our lives whether or not we … Continue reading

Do you get the oil changed in your car… the tires rotated… check the fluids and filters regularly?  I have a question for you – why?   The answer is simple – preventative maintenance.  If we take care of our cars, … Continue reading

“Remember when you first heard “Pig Latin”?  You may have listened as friends discussed something and giggled – you felt left out the whole time.  Maybe you learned the “secrets” of that language and became part of the group – … Continue reading

“Please pick up!  Please be there!”  Have you ever had that thought as you dialed one friend after another looking for someone to talk to?  Maybe you had to tell them something that good that happened… maybe you were requesting … Continue reading

“Oh…. but you don’t know what he did!”  I heard that statement WAY too many times lately.  And to be fair, it should say “she did” too.  How often are you talking with someone and when you try to either … Continue reading