That was my favorite quote I heard this last Saturday at the clothing exchange. How true!

Because of you and your dedication 163 children (not including our own!) went home with “new” clothes on Saturday! Wow!! What a difference you are making!

In September of 2010, I started the clothing exchange out of my garage. My whole garage turned into a warehouse of garbage bags, much to Aaron’s dismay! I loved the fact that our church came together and was helping each other. It made perfect sense! “Your child wears 6? Well, my child just outgrew all of her 6 clothes! Here you can have them!”

I kept thinking to myself, we can help more people! Instead of just helping out our church family, we can help out a whole community! We can spread the love of Christ!

In January of 2011, the CCE was opened to the public. We had just 5 families on that opening day. I was disheartened. Only 5 families! Really? The second month, we doubled it. 10 families  came! And so on and so forth.

Fast forward a year later. An average of 60+ families are helped each month!! A total of 422 children have been helped. Did you read that right? 422 children from the community!! We not only help people in Plainfield but the surrounding areas as well. People have drove 2+ hours to attend our event! The word is spreading, and with God’s loving hand on this ministry, we are growing each month and are reaching more families.

So be encouraged! You are making a difference. You are doing God’s work, and fulfilling Jesus commandment.

Thank you again for being apart of this ministry! I hope to see you at the next CCE on May 12th!

Much Love,
Krissy Ward